Distributing the Future Evenly!

Gireendra Kasmalkar

The Indian off-shoring success story is well-known. It is also a fact that this success was limited to a few metros in India. And then inevitably, the complaints started – Oh! Indian off-shoring is becoming too expensive. Let’s go to other countries.

Well, instead of other countries, they could go to the small towns of India! The talent was always there but had to migrate to metros. Now with better infrastructure in the non-metros, the customers can work with the same people at lower cost (and much less attrition)! Much better quality of life for the youngsters and less congestion in the metros.

This is the Small Town Model we are pioneering at our 3 year young company – Ideas to Impacts (www.ideastoimpacts.com). It is the logical next step of Indian off-shoring!

To give a few examples:

  • A global leader in the PLM space is getting their product tested by Ideas to Impacts team in Rajgurunagar, a taluka place near Pune.
  • A US-based leading tech company is getting the data to train their Machine Learning algorithms from our team in a small town being chosen by them.
  • We have partnered with an upcoming global Industrial IoT company, for the software development of their product as well as for customer support esp. in non-metros. We are planning a small town center focused on IoT.

A notable aspect here is that as these jobs are around cutting-edge technologies – such as AI / ML, IoT, Cloud, Social Media, Mobile, they are sustainable.

Our small town model help such technology companies scale up operations. We also expand their reach in the market by providing last mile solutions to their customers with our proximity.

But why stop at providing services to cutting edge product companies? With the tremendous energy and enthusiasm around start-ups in India, the cutting-edge product companies themselves can be built in small-town India.

For this, a Canadian investment firm Wesley Clover of Sir Terry Matthews, Canada’s foremost Technology Entrepreneur and Investor (www.wesleyclover.com) and Ideas to Impacts are co-promoting Alacrity India fund (www.alacrityindia.com) for tech start-ups. This is the first SEBI-registered fund headquartered in Pune, when most funds are concentrated in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The investors range from even smaller towns such as Hubli in Karnataka, to Indians outside India interested in the model.

Like-minded investors (we call them Industry Partners) actively participate in building these start-ups from scratch, by ensuring they work on market validated problems and leverage the companies in the ecosystem fully for technology as well as market access. This Alacrity initiative by Wesley Clover is already successful in Canada, UK, France and Turkey.

This is an opportunity for businesses to invest in and promote high tech global startups from towns other than the usual hotspots of India. The startups in turn help them maintain their edge in global markets.

In the 70’s, the Indian cricket team used to have 6 out of the playing 11 from Mumbai – all great players. But when did India start winning championships? When players from Haryana and Ranchi started coming into the team. The small-town model is not just an opportunity for the talent from non-metros. It is required to make the tech ecosystem in India stronger and lead globally.

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not! By spreading the opportunities, we are, as per our tagline “Distributing the Future Evenly!” ™

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