Enablement of Geocode Tagging using Human Assisted AI


The client approached Ideas to Impacts for a solution that could enable Human Assisted AI services in terms of Geocode Tagging. Their attempt was to map geographical data accurately with textual address using google map so that paper work of keeping such a large data will be reduced and digitized with high-end accuracy. They were planning to use this data in AI applications going further.

Project Requirements

The client approached us with the requirements of Geocode Tagging using Human Assisted AI.

• The client as source content shared about 13097 factory/site details from PAN India.
• There were 07 different attributes to be filled for each entry and 15 different attributes needs to be checked for accuracy (in total we need to work on 22 Attributes)
• The requirement included recording accurate Latitude and Longitude.
• The SLA for completing 1500 entries was fixed at Eight Hours.
• The project duration was of 15 days. (Start Date: 02 May 2018 ; End Date: 16 May 2018)
• 100% accurate entries for columns like Enriched address, Pin code, Latitude, Longitude, Geo-Accuracy are required.

Challenges and I2I Solution

The Process: Execution Flow

Client Benefits

✓ Efficient review process and governance matrix ensured that one partner i.e. Ideas to Impacts could handle such voluminous work.
✓ Replication of delivery template ensured that one partner could be a one-stop service provider for such Human Assisted AI services.
✓ On time delivery at low cost ensured that one partner having small town business model could be an extremely beneficial for handling such voluminous work successfully in both aspects like quality and cost cutting