Industrial IoT Platform for Improved Performance of Services


Siemens is German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and one of the largest industrial manufacturing company in world. Client helps companies of all sizes around the world to transform their business and develop innovative products and services. Client is launching IoT platform focusing on Industrial IoT areas and they needed quality services to ensure platform meets customer needs in terms of Scalability, Performance and Quality.


1. I2I team developed framework using opensource tools and used it to certify platform performance. (10000 Machines on 1 Tenant with thousands of users and ten thousand of transactions per second)
2. Using Automation scripts, we ensured microservices which are the pillars of platform implemented as platform features are scalable enough to support heavy loads on the field.
3. Performance Engineering - Various Endurance Test automation scenarios helping customer to release patches, new features quickly
4. We developed custom applications on top of Platform ensuring apps meet customer needs in terms of new API implementation, 3rd party integration, connectivity to backend systems.
5. Monitor cloud platform during operations, it includes validation of service plans, resources consumed, components behavior during load conditions, downtime, and operations data.
6. Our team is also helping client to keep product documentation up to date including internal documentation, technical documentation and developer/devops guides.



• Improved service quality and quicker turnaround time due to automated scripts and CI/CD Integration
• Ensured all microservices works well independently as well as during chain of actions.
• Improved Performance of services helping to client to scale up to thousands of end customers, tenants, # of transactions, speed and availability of services.
• Quick Ramp up of QA, Dev teams
• Write Once, Run across any platform
• User Friendly Reporting