Small Town Model

I2I is equipped with robust technical expertise and enjoys a satisfied global customer base. But what sets us apart is our small town business model. All benefits gained from lower operating, infrastructure and resources costs are directly passed on to our customers. We serve the global, urban and non-urban Indian market.

I2I is initiating a positive change with its differentiating small town model in India’s non-metros. We are creating a new subculture of fit-to-skill and volume-based offshore solutions. Thanks to the global outreach, we have on our side a vast network of CIOs, VCs and a dedicated team aware of the International market intricacies.

"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

- William Gibson

Small Town Model

Customers are increasingly opting for better cost-effective solutions elsewhere, as Indian offshoring is no longer a lucrative option for them.

We realized that more than half of employees in metro cities are from small towns. So why not take the jobs to their hometown, and cut down on recruiting, employee commuting and resultantly, attrition costs?

Infrastructure and colleges in small towns have no dearth of aspiring and talented individuals.

We recruit people who are ambitious and passionate about a particular IT skill set. Thanks to well-planned training, many small-town recruits are now specialists in their field. These include recruitments for development, testing, IT support, implementation support and technical helpdesk.

Small Town Model: FAQ’s

Here are answers to some common queries about our Small Town Model:

1. Cost is an obvious benefit, but how do you ensure better quality?

We have painstakingly identified “sweet spot” services for the small town model. Resources with the right skills are chosen to deliver the appropriate service. Over-qualified resources for jobs are moved to small towns to increase overall efficiency.

2. How about risk management?

Availability of infrastructure and resource pools (colleges) is no more an issue with small towns. We conduct a detailed resource-based analysis to identify skills in metros and small towns to suit global customer requirements.

3. Can our small town model promote start-ups?

Start-ups are restricted to the metros presently. Remoteness, language, relevant content, inclusion, are non-urban problems that start-ups need to solve.

4. Can innovations, start-ups happen in a small town?

Innovation that addresses problems of non-urban India is more likely to happen in small towns. I2I is proud to be part of this movement to create ecosystems (Incubators, etc.) for small towns.

Our Small Town Centers

Our first small town centre at Rajgurunagar is located only 50 km from Pune city and is equipped with impressive project-supportive facilities. The centre has 24 by 7 power supply, excellent net connectivity, biometric access, CCTV cameras, desktop systems and laptops, EPBX system, etc. Many more I2I small town centres are forthcoming.

Our small town centres are marked by the availability of exceptional talent, low tax rates, reduced cost of living, low-cost real estate and fewer regulations that power our small town model.

Here is a list of our partner ecosystem small town centres located across the state of Maharashtra:

  • Kolhapur
  • Satara
  • Narayangaon
  • Guntur
  • Dhule

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