Distributing the Future Evenly!

Gireendra Kasmalkar

The Indian off-shoring success story is well-known. It is also a fact that this success was limited to a few metros in India. And then inevitably, the complaints started – Oh! Indian off-shoring is becoming too expensive. Let’s go to other countries. Well, instead of other countries, they could go to the small towns of.

Employment generation – a grand challenge


Hello, At the launch of his new book “Rebooting India” in February 2016, Nandan Nilekani listed 12 grand challenges that can be solved by technology start-ups. He gave examples such as Aadhar – already solved by his own team as a start-up running within the Government. One grand challenge not mentioned in Nandan’s list is.

Small Town Start-ups


Today there is a big buzz about start-ups for generating employment. We know that only a small percentage of start-ups succeed, but in the meantime, they create a lot of exciting jobs. Technically savvy youth are turning in droves to start-ups putting in incredibly hard – and smart – efforts to create something new, instead.