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From partner product implementation, SAP implementation to maintenance, take advantage of our proven delivery model and expertise. Our capabilities in the field of SAP testing provides you with a single point of control for managing all the phases during SAP implementation, customization, integration, and maintenance.

At I2I, we will help you identify bottlenecks and problems during the pre-deployment phases. We can help tune your SAP technology stack including operating systems, network infrastructure, databases, hardware platforms and SAP software components. This will ensure that your system can handle the user load during peak hours of activity.

We understand that functional SAP testing, manual or automated testing is crucial to application success. Our SAP test automation frameworks, test accelerators, standardized testing processes and experienced testing professionals will help you discover defects before they affect your operations.

The I2I Advantage

Efficient Productivity

Experience real-time resource management, scalability, coherent strategy building, smooth process integration, technically-sturdy automation and boost your business productivity with I2I.

The I2I Advantage

Better Governance

We design, deliver and manage services to ensure all issues are dealt with deeper insights, improved productivity, customer experience management, visibility and control.

Competitive Edge

We have helped customers gain a better target market understanding, help earn better ROI, reduced workloads, increased business efficiency, more automation and flexibility.

Product Engineering

Without constant additions and enhancements to your product, you are bound to lose out on potential users. Including a new feature, troubleshooting, eradicating faults based on user feedback, integrating with other systems, reviewing the most used product features, are part of our maintenance services.

Service Details

  1. From analyzing the problem to making the required upgrades, our Product Modernization and Product Maintenance team delivers long-term, value-based, reliable and cost-effective support services.
  2. We have helped many companies launch next-generation products.
  3. We implement and integrate solutions for various products.
  4. Adapting and transforming technology to suit your needs is a smoother, faster process with us.

Testing & QA

We are proficient with all the technology platforms, proven methodologies and tools to offer you unparalleled testing services.

Service Details

  1. Our immense QA and testing experience ensures that you constantly improve your product’s usability, quality and customer experience.
  2. We start identifying bugs from the development phase itself, making sure that the testing phase becomes an iterative and time-saving task.
  3. Our testers are qualified, experienced and selectively chosen.
  4. Work with us and expect dedicated support, seamless communication and a collaborative partnership.

Product Support $ Helpdesk

We understand the changing needs of the modern customers and deliver a solution that leads to higher revenue and more productivity. Modernize your legacy application through a more flexible, scalable platform that can easily adapt to the emerging technologies.

Service Details

  1. Our product support & helpdesk capabilities lead to consistent product performance while minimizing costs to attract new customers and reach a wider market.
  2. Customer satisfaction is taken care of by meeting various specific customer needs.
  3. Customer interaction quality is enhanced by scalable, flexible services and the availability of a staff acutely aware of your business requirements.

SAP Enterprise

We offer SAP solutions for everyone. SAP solution experience is offered with functional and technical expertise across varied business sectors. We bring your business and IT strategy to a common ground; add value as we provide the roadmap.

Service Details

  1. We interact with thought leaders from the world over to bridge the knowledge gap, document and learn from different global experiences.
  2. Quicker and easier upgrades reduces the risk of not benefiting from the new features/technologies provided by ISV’s.
  3. We provide mission-critical support, are compliant with the current SAP’s technical standards, issue resolutions and end-to-end solutions.

SAP Technical Development & Operation Support

Businesses are fast moving towards result-oriented services. In this complex web of technologies, customers are looking for a simpler set of solutions. From SAP implementation to maintenance, we make digital transformation possible.

Service Details

  1. Prompt “information on demand” for timely decision-making is a dire need.
  2. Also, avail of our solutions through ERP & consultancy.
  3. High-quality solutions include system administration of the entire SAP technical landscape.
  4. Expect faster response from our helpdesk.
  5. Take advantage of our proven delivery model and expertise.
  6. We have the best technical experts and consultants for expert support of your SAP software.
  7. We have proven methods and set practices that add value to our client’s business.

Meet Our Team

Suneel Aradhye

Sunil Shewale

Case Studies

SAP L1 Support for Two-Wheeler Manufacturing Global Giant

A unique L1 Support service model was created to decrease the number of registered L1 issues, and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and better internal staff support and training.

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Our Clients

Need a dependable, reliable partner?

Suneel Aradhye

Co-Founder, CEO

A Chartered Accountant by profession, with a flair for technology, Suneel has previously worked as CIO-Essar Group and CIO- RPG Group. He has over 30+ years of work experience. He is a regular speaker at various industry conferences and an investor member of CIO Angel Network. His major roles involve significant business transformation, turnaround/rebuild of legacy businesses, and valuation, acquisition, integration of businesses.

Sunil Shewale

SAP Practice Head

Sunil has over 24+ years of experience and has worked with Lupin, Satyam, Tata Autocomps and Vodafone in various capacities. He is an expert SAP technical professional. Sunil is focused on Business Solution Group (ERP) responsible for reviewing internal business processes, interacting with key users and functional consultants for requirement understanding, scoping and suggestion.