Content & Data Transformation

We specialize in delivering high-volume, high quality content transformation and data transformation related services. We understand that consistent and rich data makes a huge difference to your marketplace advantage. Similarly, polished, updated, cleansed content has the power to reach out to the intended audience.

Market-ready digital content, localization, identification of challenges posed by respective content ecosystems are among the content transformation needs we address. We restructure, rethink and rewrite content to create high-value, high-utility, connected and enriching experiences for your audience. Our key services include corporate branding, technical content creation, marketing collaterals, indexing, language enhancement, and content marketing.

We help our clients generate maximum value from their data. For example, our data transformation services can help automate your basic important data tasks. Ensure manageable and usable data, customize data-related tasks, and take advantage of our expertise, tool-knowledge and make the handling of your day-to-day operations easier. Ensure effective data conversion, ensure data intelligibility across databases and applications with us.

The I2I Advantage

Intelligent Solutions

Smart digital content, simplified content development lifecycle, customized communication for customers, and structured content for better decision-making form our key content solutions.

The I2I Advantage

Insights to Action

In-depth data analysis help you decide on action and outcome. Strengthen your business operations, streamline work and deliver data-backed outcomes to obtain tangible results.

Leverage Your Product

Avail our big data, technical and domain expertise. We implement best-practice processes, apart from offering you content & data maintenance related services.

Corporate Branding

Do you want to ensure that your brand content is audience-driven, highly engaging and at par with your business goals? Are you looking to launch your new brand or planning to go for rebranding of your existing organization? We have got your back. I2I helps you convey the right brand message through the logo, vision/mission statement, brochures, use of appropriate colours, effective fonts, the right message, and more. We have a knack for communicating focused information through the right channels. We go beyond the usual content norms: our research-dependent approach has helped several clients create the maximum impact.

Service Details

  1. Logo design, company profile presentations, corporate videos, newsletters and PPT presentations.
  2. Represent your company, product or service and create a memorable identity with our logo design services.
  3. Sum up your company impressively to your potential clients with our company profile presentation services.
  4. Reach out to numerous subscribers and improve your company’s reach with our newsletter creation services.
  5. Update or create new, engaging, audience-centric presentations, thanks to our expert touch.

Content Transformation

Get market-ready content transformation services for any kind of content requirement, for any and all technological platform available out there. Our content transformation service aims at “maximum end-user usability.” We understand that establishing a basic consistency, style and flair go a long way in content repackaging. We walk the tightrope of retaining originality and flair along with taking care of target-audience sensibilities with our expert translation, proofreading, localization, and other services.

Service Details

  1. Our top services include: technical editing, language editing, regional language translation, video-content curation, etc.
  2. Our expert team is specialized in content redesign for digital platform consumption.
  3. Contextual help with regard to products and services is our speciality.
  4. Awareness of emerging technologies and new content consumption platforms.

Digital Enablement

The world over, companies are becoming aware of the fact that digital enablement is a foundation for business transformation. We help define your digital strategy and create a positive end-user experience to achieve digital maturity. These services may concern social media visibility via digital marketing services, brand new website revamps, adding new features to your existing digital platforms, etc. Create a market differentiator for your brand, engage new customers, and expand your revenue streams with our digital enablement services.

Service Details

  1. Our top services include static & dynamic website design, digital marketing services, E-commerce solutions, B2B & B2C application development and payment gateway integration.
  2. Showcase your business and win more customers with our website design services.
  3. Want to promote your business? Avail our expert digital marketing services.
  4. Reach out the app-savvy generation with our application development services.

Database Creation & Validation Services

Improve your company performance and provide a “single relevant customer view” with our database creation and cleansing services. Ensure accurate and consistent data by addressing corrections related to contact details, identifying and deleting incorrect, wrongly formatted and out-of-date data. This enables you to improve your service response time and push for a better customer experience.

Our data validation services help you ensure that you are communicating with an updated customer base. Dataset validation is cost-effective, significantly reduces operational costs and consolidates your brand image.

Service Details

  1. Our data validation services include data onboarding, validations with preset rules and human intervention, accelerated reviews of databases /sets, etc.
  2. Avail our expert database creation and dataset validation services.
  3. Cleansed data provides our clients with insights and data completeness.
  4. Our database creation services are for marketing, web-research oriented data mining, CRM Data entry, marketing related data entry work, survey form creation, etc.

Data Transformation

Data transformation helps brands in improving data accuracy, in creating more efficient business processes on a day-to-day basis. Personalization via data transformation can help improve customer relations and drive market strategy. Get our professional help in data mapping and related services. We help you follow the best data transformation practices. These include practices like engaging the target customers in tracking data quality metrics and audit, using data profiling to understand raw data and knowing when to go for data cleansing.

Service Details

  1. Our data transformation services include data mapping, data conversions from one file format to another, data-set creation for neural algorithms, data processing and sets creations, indexing, data abstraction, etc.
  2. We have extensive data profiling capabilities to help ensure data maintenance and data quality.
  3. Our experienced team guarantees quality assurance at each step.
  4. For smart and sustained data transformation, to build a vision and establish data governance: avail our services.

Human-Assisted AI

According to statistics, more than 80% of the collected data is not structured or usable. Availing human-assisted AI will help you structure data faster. We can help you create guidelines to utilize the power of this collaborative intelligence. We believe in the train-explain-sustain model to ensure optimized human-assisted AI usage. We have the expertise in place for training AI systems to work with humans. We have the capability to convey subtle and complex human attributes in AI assistants, a crucial element when we deal with machine-learning algorithms.

Service Details

  1. Human intervention or manual effort to make algorithms smarter, faster by the creation of huge databases via rapid scale by integrating it with the small-town model.
  2. AI-assisted human chat software for various institutions, building semi-autonomous intelligent response systems to improving interaction with employees and customers, human-assisted AI is here to stay.
  3. For better speed, personalization, scale, decision-making and flexibility in your business, opt for our human-assisted AI services.

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Enablement of Geocode Tagging using Human Assisted AI

I2I was a one-stop service provider for Human Assisted AI services. Efficient review process and implementation of the governance matrix ensured hassle-free handling of high-volume work.

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Our Clients

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Rohan Jadhav

Head, Content Transformation

Rohan Jadhav has a decade of experience as a Project Team Leader at Cummins India and Sales and Marketing Manager at Tata Motors. At Ideas to Impacts, Rohan bringing his experience, skills and inherent leadership qualities to play in leading a talented team. He is also an expert in branding and digital marketing.

Imtiaz Ahmed

Senior Consultant

Imtiaz has over a decade of experience in content development, e-learning, learning management, instructional design and digital marketing. At Ideas to Impacts, he dabbles in team management, client relations, digital marketing and content transformation co-strategist, project management, and handles various other responsibilities.

Snehith Kumbla

Senior Consultant

Snehith has a degree in journalism and has worked with reputed publications like The Times of India and The Indian Express. He has also worked as a Senior Content Writer at Engage Info Media and Cuelogic. At Ideas to Impacts, he is into content strategy, team supervision, team management, among other responsibilities.