Contract Management Platform over cloud: Automation in Selenium


The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform is the leading contract management solution in the cloud. With multi-national clients in US and Europe, like 3M, Airtel, Daimler, ICICI Bank, Microsoft it has witnessed tremendous growth the past year. ICM’s easy-to-use, intelligent, enterprise-wide contract management software transforms the foundation of commerce by turning contracts into valuable corporate assets.


A. Automation of Core Regression Suite containing 1000+ test cases for Icertis’ platform, ICM (Icertis Contract Management) hosted over cloud within strict deadlines.
B. Technologies Used : Selenium , C#, NUnit, Winium
C. Team Structure : 1 Manager (SPOC), 1 Team Lead, 3 Senior Architects, 6 Automation QAs


1. Client wanted to start with automating the core product test suite.
2. A regression suite with 1000+ tests (and growing) is expected to be run unmanned each night to test the stability of the product. The volume and frequency posed a challenge.
3. Client wanted to be sure of how much of their code is being tested and how can we increase that.


1. Our team designed & automated test cases by liaising with the development team to understand which tests around what areas would cover the most code branches. The solution was designed in Selenium + C# + NUnit, with major framework enhancements.
2. We tracked live code coverage using NUnit.
3. Optimized tests running on multiple threads on Selenium Grid are executed each night now. 1000+ tests with each test’s average execution time being 30 minutes runs within 15 hours unmanned every night.
4. Making use of CI platforms like Jenkins streamline the process of deploying and running tests on a regular basis.


• Daily testing of every module
• Overnight execution ensures least disruption to daily automation process.
• Increased test coverage, speed, efficiency and ROI